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About Springfield community campus

There is free car parking on site which include electric car charging points as well as free Wi-Fi throughout the building.

Springfield Campus – Safeguarding the environment

The campus programme makes sure that the impact on the environment is minimised wherever possible. The Springfield Campus was the first campus location to open its doors to the community in August 2014 after the first phase was completed. The second phase, which focuses on indoor leisure, is now underway and due for completion in summer 2015.

The sustainability of the project is on track to be rated very good within the industry standard BREEAM environmental build rating scheme and has a current rating of 57 per cent within this framework (the threshold for very good is 55 per cent).

The project has been developed with extensive involvement of representatives of the local community through a community operations board (COB). The members of this board, who included local councillors and community representatives, worked closely with Wiltshire Council and the architects to help shape the final design and look of this exciting project. A significant number of visits both before and after the completion of the first phase of Springfield Campus were organised for a wide range of users and stakeholders, including participation in the construction industry’s national “Open Doors” event in spring 2014, targeted specifically at local young people to raise awareness of careers opportunities within the sector.

In the first phase a major extension was added to the existing Springfield Leisure Centre which made way for the subsequent demolition of the former Corsham Community Centre. This provides a library, community hall, café, climbing wall, a personal care room and many other meeting rooms and spaces that can be used flexibly by the local community. There is also flexible office space from which council staff and police officers can work. The services that are delivered from the campus include neighbourhood policing and registration service.

The campus covers 5,008m2 of which 85 per cent is open to the community. The building has 936m2 of circulation space, 11m2 of reception and 328m2 of storage space.

The leisure centre is currently being refurbished and an all-weather pitch has been created and in use since early 2014.

The 3.34 hectare site is being extensively landscaped including relocating play areas, remodelling car parks and a creating a new entrance square. Of the site 99.5 per cent (33,230m2) is open to the community.

A key component of the design brief for the campus was that it should reflect the requirement for a low energy and sustainable approach in the broadest sense of the word.

The design addresses a range of sustainability objectives and in particular:

  • The campus is targeting achieving a BREEAM very good rating
  • Alignment with Wiltshire Council Building Energy Efficiency Standards Strategy. The strategy aims to ensure that all buildings used by Wiltshire Council have lower running costs, lower carbon emissions and comply with current legislation. The principle target is that the new campus will deliver a 40 per cent reduction in carbon emissions compared with the amount produced by the existing Leisure Centre and those buildings that are to be vacated as part of this project. (Corsham Library, Corsham Mansion House Youth Development Centre and Corsham Community Centre).
  • The campus design aims to address and promote sustainable forms of transport. The COB has developed a travel plan for the campus which will be used to provide a strategy for improving the accessibility of the site and encouraging travel by sustainable modes of travel. The design itself for example includes secure cycle parking and changing facilities for visitors and staff and provision for charging of electrical cars.

A site waste strategy was prepared by the project team at a very early stage of the project to maximise the potential to follow the best practice waste hierarchy – reduce – reuse – recycle. Key actions taken include off-site prefabrication, such as the cross laminated timber structure. Metrics relating to site waste are monitored on a monthly basis as part of the project.

The predicted annual power use for the building is 58.29 kWh m2 of electricity, 73.7 kWh m2 of fossil fuel, 129.5 kWh m2 of renewal energy generation.

Annual water use predicted for the building is 5.62 m3 a person. This is derived from a BREEAM water use calculator, excluding the swimming pool.

Building costs – overall costs of £2370/m2 for the new-build elements of the project and £703/m2 for the refurbished areas have been established based on forecast outturn costs. This includes building services costs of £655/m2 for the new-build elements and £142/m2 for the refurbished areas with external works averaging £430/m2.

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